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When I was a young student in Berlin there were people who studied German literature or American literature or any such (some were studying Finno-Hungarian literature).And then there were some who studied AVL (basically something like Literature in general and in global comparison). Great insight and observation, and so different from all the cheap lamenting about Kyiv, which is still awesome. After reading our Forum, I can't agree more with globally applicable approach to stop whining and start enjoying life, that Bill1963 laid out few posts below. Girls wait there for their friends to get off the metro where you can approach and ask simple questions like if she's from Kiev.Target the young girls that are likely to be naive of the sex scene.Their's plenty of girls always rolling into Kiev with no money and raging hormones.

Some of them have shown me the actual offers that they get on a daily basis from multiple man. There are still happy visitors returning from Kiev, despite the negative marketing. Latin and Central America are the only ones remotely worth considering, especially for Spanish or Brazilian-Portuguese speaking gentlemen. There are many scams in Kiev, and most guys are either to embarrassed to admit that this or just choose to ignore the situation.There are many guys on daily basis getting rip off in Kiev, but most do not care about this. Obtaining a company of great looking elegant intelligent lady according to my preferences is easiest in Kiev. Girls in Moscow might be more accommodating (subjective), yet IMHO overall recently there's more animosity within the Russian society, it seems to have changed to more xenophobic attitude. I personally know quite a few Ukrainian ladies recently making trips to Moscow for profit.I recently met a 22 year old student that just arrived from Russia two weeks ago in my home city.I was her second customer and her pussy was just soaking wet.

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