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Before relocating to Naples, Tim was a managing editor of newspapers in the Florida Keys for 6 years.

He and his wife of 25 years located to Florida in 1992 from Northeast Ohio, where he began his journalism career 30 years ago.

Originally from North Carolina, Caroline met Fuccillo when had a dealership there.

Featured in the TV and radio ads, Billy Fuccillo is obnoxious and unforgettable. He wants you to buy a car from his Pine Island dealership, and buy it now, presumably at "huge" savings. Fuccillo is the sole owner of Fuccillo Affiliates Of Florida, Inc., the one-year old automobile company hitting it big at the Pine Island Road store." Fuccillo and Caroline, his promotional sidekick, truly are huge here because they are everywhere ?interrupting every TV channel, booming from every radio station, popping up on slick posters in mailboxes, and spreading out in the Naples Daily News. That, of course, is why Caroline was missed this month when she didn't appear in commercials, replaced by another blonde named Abby. That's why she wasn't on the commercials," Fuccillo said via telephone from Syracuse, N. "So, the girl that fills in on our infomercials filled in for her while she was on vacation." Caroline Renfro is not just another pretty face.Each of the candidates filmed two commercials with Fuccillo and Gloria Ordonez, a Miami model who has appeared in numerous TV spots over the past decade for Fuccillo. The thing with her, we knew she could ad lib.”Roth and Fuccillo already have taped their first commercials, which will be seen soon.Roth has almost 25,000 social media followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They did a few Friday night at Sacred Pepper, a Tampa restaurant owned by Candy De Bartolo, wife of Eddie De Bartolo, former owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

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