Colege dating

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And most, if not all, of your friends are in the same boat.

When it comes to dating, the early twenties are a tricky time.

In other words: you're gonna have to go on dates.

The idea of going on a date—even ASKING someone out on a date—probably seems pretty foreign, and maybe a little old-fashioned.

Guys may be used to the idea of paying for their dates' meals and drinks and tickets, but it's possible that the guys you date after college cannot afford to be chivalrous.

Which is fine, because it's 2013, and you're more than able to step up to the plate.

The more people you date, the more you're going to learn about yourself Do you find dating post-college to be a scary or exciting experience?

highlighted a class at Boston College in which the professor offers extra credit to students if they ask another student out on a date.

Stick to cheaper restaurants (falafel can be romantic! Every once in a while, you'll choose not to do the responsible thing and will stay out all night, despite having work the next morning.And this is where the Gap comes in, because the Gap opens at 9 A.M., and there's probably one not far from where you work. For some people, the first post-college years are more difficult, more tumultuous, than even adolescence.'cause the 20-year-old Philadelphia 76ers superstar is dating a smoking hot bikini model ... Okafor's lady is Lauren Oglensky -- a 2014 graduate from University of Arizona where she was a "Tucson12" model (UA women who boast a 3.0 GPA or better). but turns out, she's from Philly, so that works out.

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