Intimidating nickname

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It's doubtful an actual donkey would strike out as much as slugging first baseman Adam Dunn does on a routine basis. While leading the Texas Tech Red Raiders to winning seasons in every year of his tenure, head coach Mike Leach began garnering attention for both his craziness and his brilliance.

Perhaps Number One Dunna (in reference to the Big Tymers song "Number One Stunna") or simply "Will Ferrell part dos" would better suffice. He's currently mixing varying vats of chemicals and jotting equations down for the Washington State Cougars football team. As he continues to creep towards the lower tier of what is considered a franchise player, Mark Sanchez remains The Sanchize.

Among the greatest pound-for-pound boxers/talents on Earth, Manny Pacquiao is packed tight with ability and sprints through the competition with an unmatched ferociousness. While he now finds himself clawing for playing time in the D-League, there was a time when point guard Rafer Alston was a pioneer in the creation of the AND1 Mixtape Tour.

That was until former teammate Bill Selby meshed the terms into "Pronk". Meaning "The Kid" in English, El Nino is almost as legendary as Willie Mays being called "The Say Hey Kid."Even at 28 years old, Spanish sensation Fernando Torres still looks like an awkward 11-year-old.

But not only was he the answer, Virginia's own Iverson is now the question as he approaches a comeback.

He may look nothing like the military dictators in Japan from 1192 to 1867, but that hasn't kept Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Mauricio Rua from seemingly embracing the nickname Shogun with open arms. Sure he stuffs the stat sheet on a regular basis, but that's not what earned Amar'e Stoudemire this prestigious moniker.

They've defined careers, molded reputations and set the sports world on fire with their creativity. Birth names like Shaun White and Brian Wilson can only take a budding star so far before he requires a flipped script.

There comes a time when birth certificates just won't cut it anymore.

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