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MS Word on OS X has very One Note-like features, just choose the Notebook view.I haven't used One Note proper in a very long time (2007? It's one of the things that keeps me using Windows.One year ago, my girlfriend was using Evernote (on my suggestion) to write her travel journal on our trip to Southeast Asia.I saw her note sync a bunch of times (the i OS app shows a little blue arrow when it's uploading). I contacted support but they couldn't do anything.Originally, it just logged that you couldn't sync.When they did add a notification, it was something along the line of "sux2bu [ok]".

Going to PDF (Chrome) and then Saving it will not work. In fact, I have setup a different app(Drafts) on both i Pad and i Phone to take notes in Markdown and then save to Evernote, saves me from lot of headache and data is never lost as it is at different places. Sometimes you'll get hosed because of the attachment upload limit, which does not degrade gracefully.

Windows: Features and apps are not well thought out.

They have Skitch for screnshots but it sends screenshots ONLY to default notebook.

I've been an avid Evernote user since the beginning (one of the first few thousand users).

I use it to record all sorts of ideas, thoughts, notes, reminders, research, and references.

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