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should forgive her father and life happily with him in future. When it comes to korean drama, I'm always having a second lead syndrome :)) Does anyone know what's the name of the song used few times as bgm but not included in official ost? the opening and ending narration in every episode always has an impact ... Although you can forgive, but it leaves the scar that is difficult to forget. This drama is also supported by te best, beautiful, deep meaning OST.even though he has done cruel to her in the past, but he still her father. But I'm quite satisfied since this drama has a happy ending :) Jung Yoon Do songsaengsim... It was played for example in last episode before and during Jin myung-hoon's surgery (around 32-35 minute). Where the background of the family that changed the process in life. hoping RAESHIN couple will do another drama....there chemistry is superb ... It makes me cry sometimes..happy and joy.....so..wonderful One of the best dramas ever made. The drama is very realistic as it touches some real world happenings that we see, neither a fairytale dream nor a major emotions tragic drama. The drama was intense at first but subsequently becomes more subtle.He is supposed to be much older than hye jung coz he was hye jung's teacher.

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It's so rare that a k-drama can make an impact to me and make me think about life. Once again, thank you so much for this beautiful drama. Of course the actors were flawless, so big cud-dos to them. I'm really proud that at least we get to see hye jung and Mr. Pleeeaaassse you are not the writer nor the director.The one with such a huge age gap is Hyerin and Ji Sung in Entetainer with 15 years gap. KRW although older in real, here, he looks just right for PSH who is not young anymore. This is an awesome drama but I kind of wanted her to end up with Dr. Do u expect them to look like tomboys when they make rounds? But it ended up with JH sacrificing himself for her. truth is, this drama is more accurate to our life compared to the rest. She made me excited and those that are saying the drama is horrible I think you should watch it again . Keep it up People love shinhye in korea and also internationally...guys if u think truelly now shinhye is top actress...korea..all people won't have similar taste..love other actress also..how come u people say she is horrible actress...that's not reasonable...e.g. and love from another star..from another star is so much better than this blue sea....there is no such story...both are played by jun ji hyun...can't say she s horrible actress she has done her part neatly....plz don't say such things...actors are good in their own way...u dnt like this drama then its k just say it was k ...y u have to say it was so horrible ...least watching this drama so many people have taken medical exam...year..korea..was at least this much helpful...it was a good drama anyways dnt be such sour hearts people..... Just kike chewing gum, nothing went into my feeling. kikil: I wouldn`t mind it if they dress up occasionally but walking those loooong hospital corridors in stilettos was just nit too much(I kept thinking about Jurrasic World). Still waiting for Park Shin-Hye to play a character that makes any sense. Anyway that absence makes me imagine a Season 2 (wishing). Our Ji Hong (KRW) has finished two movies already that will be showing next.. Even so they both can build a story about a doctor like real. Unlike other dramas that have aired just entertainment did not have the quality story like doctors. If I were HJ I would be the same like her...maybe worse.....drama is too good for haters We surely can say.... no, it focuses more on our daily life, must i say, the closest to our reality. I think Doctors is a good drama and the hospital scenes are believable....ratings says it all. Most of the characters are unreasonable, illogical and very childish. Saving one's life will always be the top priority and I love how Shin hye showed her faith and believe in miracle until the end. The only thing is that I wished #Jihye couple has a wedding. Because this play is not sold young actor famous n pretty boy, but just got a senior actor who has the ability to act. and if some viewers said why HJ held grudges..they are abnormal....

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