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Still lively and engaged in many activities, including editing her high school alumni newspaper, she lives with her youngest son.

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In my opinion it was made only to earn credibility with the far­ right on the back of Ohio’s working parents and children. Theresa Warner, Cleveland This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Plain Dealer.As much as Kasich claims all is forgiven for Senate Bill 5, he still never misses a chance to take a whack at working Ohioans.Without a voice on the job, I believe many providers will leave the profession and many talented individuals will be discouraged to take up early childhood development as a career.Under AFSCME Local 101’s contract, “you can’t ‘volunteer’ to do a bargaining unit job,” Sulfridge said.So the union helped arrange for Zeis to be hired as a part-­time employee. “The firefighters and mechanics are like my family and I really love them all and love working here,” she said.

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